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Supported by NGF and EDGA
Organized by Handigolf Foundation
Hosted by Golfclub Almeerderhout

5, 6 & 7 juli 2024


Golf Club Almeerderhout is proud that it has been selected by the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) to host the Dutch Disabled Open (DDO) in 2024 and 2025. The DDO is one of the top tournaments, playing under the auspices of the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA). The Tournament is organized by the Handigolf Foundation. This is a golf tournament for golfers with a physical disability from all over the world.

Worldwide, around 80 tournaments are currently played annually under the auspices of the EDGA. The World Amateur Golf Ranking, in collaboration with EDGA, has also had a World Ranking for Disabled Golfers for a few years now (WR4DG).

With an Access Pass or a WR4DG (World Ranking for Disabled Golfers) Pass, players with disabilities can participate in the “EDGA badged” tournaments. WR4DG pass is obtained after having been assessed.

During the “EDGA bagged tournaments” players earn points for the WR4DG. The EDGA fully supports the decision of the organizer, the Handigolf Foundation, to play this wonderful tournament at Golf Club Almeerderhout. The DDO is therefore one of the tournaments that count for the WR4DG.

The Handigolf Foundation is very happy to organize this tournament together with Golf Club Almeerderhout on their beautiful course. This is a good opportunity for Golf Club Almeerderhout to show that the Netherlands has a lot to offer in the field of golf.

In 2024, the International Dutch Disabled Open will take place on July 6 and 7, with all participants from around the world having the opportunity to explore the course on July 5. The event is assisted by volunteers from the golf club. Almeerderhout will also ensure that the European players feel welcome. The prizes will be awarded on July 7.

A clinic will also be given on July 5 by former Paralympic and multiple world champion Monique Kalkman, a member of Golf Club Almeerderhout. This clinic is for people with a physical disability who want to see if golf could be something for them.